In the rise of technology, the demand in employment in this industry is expanding not just gradually but tremendously. More and more job opportunities are opened for graduates and skilled workers. Likewise, educators are blessed with work opportunities in teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) courses.

However, not just in Singapore but most of the countries, there are so many workers and professionals who are not proficient in technology such as Robotics, Coding and Apps Programming workshops. Thus, making the opportunities wasted.

But professionals today should seek these opportunities. Aside from the compensation granted in these industries, there are so many career growths given to tech professionals.

Why should professionals learn inRobotics class and Coding Workshops in Singapore?

Let’s use the SMART acronym to justify the need for professionals to dive into the world of technology.

S- Significant. Technology, although a complex knowledge, is very significant nowadays.
Everything is going ahead towards technology whether at home, work or different places where technology plays significant role.

M- Motivational. There are so many reasons to learn technology. And for professionals, one of the motivations is earning for a living. Actually, according to researches, technology related industries extend high compensation for the professionals.

A-Attainable. Technological knowledge is attainable. Course offering like in In3labs Learning provide enrichment for adults and professionals who wanted to explore in technology education.

R- Realistic. To be realistic, professionals should be geared with all new ideas in technology.
Everything is going techy and professionals should not be left behind in this technology shift.

T- Time-bound. Professionals can possibly learn technology in a short period of time. Most of the courses employ a specific time-bound curriculum.

In In3labs Learning, technology become alive with the use of 21st century competencies and equipped professionals with the latest technology knowledge.