School Holidays and breaks can still be an avenue of learning in Singapore. Though kids are away from their school, they can learn so many things during holidays.

Still, parents must strategically use the kids’ holiday break from school to let them learn new and exciting things.Often times, parents enroll kids to different school camps and workshops in holidays. Their options yet are very diverse.

In Singapore, robot camps and coding holiday camps are very popular. With the strong support of the government to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education, more parents enroll the children to these camps.

Robotics holiday workshops gives students life-long passion to innovate robots. In these camps, children are fed with theoretical knowledge and practical skills as they work hands-on with machines. Since experience is the best teacher, instructors allow them to experience creating and innovating robots.

There are also coding workshop in Singapore during holidays where students absorb the mechanics of app developing. Also, they are given fun activities while working with coding and programming platforms.

School Holidays’ never a waste of time
Although school holidays are short, kids can spend their time in more meaningful ways like participating to this kind of camps and workshops. In this manner, they still learn while having fun doing new things during school break.

Instead of letting the kids waste their time with gadgets and bored at home, enrolling to holiday workshops can be a good idea. Not only they can learn but also meet new kids from different places. Participation activities help them in their interpersonal communication skills.

Discovery of Child’s Passion
The short holiday camp may become a time of discovery for your kids’ passion in robotics, coding and apps programming. Thus, it can be a good starter for them to explore this brand new world for them in the future.

Who would be able to tell if someday, a child’s discovery can lead bigger dream.